We interrupt our regularly scheduled #OperationUniversalHorror (don't worry, it'll be back in a sequel) programming to bring you this special episode. This week we're talking Wolfman's Got Nards. André Gower (Sean in The Monster Squad) and Henry Darrow McComas made a beautiful documentary about the life of The Monster Squad after its lackluster theatrical release. If you've ever loved a movie or been inspired by someone else's art, there's something for you in this love-letter to the fans of everybody's favorite monster mash. Don't worry, all you Goonies out there'll love it, too!

We discuss Claire's recent rise to mega-podcaster as she debuted on the In The Mouth of Dorkness ChatCast for an interview with André and Henry. Yeah, she's on a first-name basis now, no big deal. We also talk about what it's like to be the oldest child and how words can hurt, especially the F-word so common in 80s movies.

Follow Andre Gower and Henry McComas on Twitter at @andregower and @hdilla. You can follow the film @thesquaddoc. Go support this movie when it drops!

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