This week, we continue our dive into the films of Alfred Hitchcock! Our second film in the series was a first-watch for all of us: Rope.

The movie features incredible performances by Jimmy Stewart, John Dall, and Farley Granger. It was written by the phenomenal Arthur Laurents, most famous for writing the script to West Side Story and based on a 1929 play by Patrick Hamilton. The film features Brandon and Philip, a couple attempting to get away with murder. Stewart plays their prep school mentor who unwittingly inspired the two with his sensationalist theories on elitism and survival of the superior. In our discussion, we touch on classism, LGBTQ representation in film, the artistry of cinematography, and acquired tastes. 

Join us! Fill in some of your cinematic gaps as we venture into what we've dubbed #OperationMasterOfSuspense. This operation name is extremely on the nose. I know.

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