This week, we continue our dive into the films of Alfred Hitchcock! Our next film in the series was a first-watch and big hit for all of us: Rear Window.

Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly delivered phenomenal performances as L.B. Jefferies, the temporarily incapacitated world-traveling photographer and Lisa Fremont, the wealthy socialite fashionista. While confined to his apartment recovering from an injury, Jefferies believes he witnesses the coverup to a grisly murder of one of his neighbors. He and Fremont set about trying to prove that a murder has taken place despite the disbelief of the police. We talk sound design and the tragedy of the commons as it relates to our fixation on the macabre. Claire talks about her plans to create her own film adaptation, and we debate theories about who actually dun it.

Join us! Fill in some of your cinematic gaps as we venture into what we've dubbed #OperationMasterOfSuspense. This operation name is extremely on the nose. I know.

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